Our mission

“Our mission is to send high-quality Hungarian vegetables to our customers in the shortest way.”

About us

Prémium Kert’s special area is the distribution of the highest value-added packaged goods for super- and hypermarkets. We also offer high-quality bulk products.

We specially design our products considering our consumers’ buying habits. Our portfolio is designed for serving the consumers’ need.

The Ltd. was founded in 2007 as a family business. It started its active operation in 2010.

Our main products which come from the Southern Great Plains are the followings:

- tomatos
- peppers
- cucumbers
- potatos
- carrot
- salads

and different fruits such as strawberry, melon, peach and nectarine.

We built our team of suppliers up from reliable and experienced gardeners who grow the above mentioned products in this area. These gardeners meet the high-level requirements of our commercial customers particulary in the field of quality insurance. All of our suppliers have the GlobalGAP quality assurance system.

Because our company is directly related to farmers, the way of goods to consumers can be shortened. This short transportation way can guarantee the freshness and the competitive price of our porducts.

To pack our products we use the latest packaging technology. We put bar code label design and identification code on the package, to guarantee the spectacular appearance on the counter and the traceability „from farm to fork”.

The taste, colour, nutrition and reliability of Hungarian goods are well-known not only in Hungary but across the borders too. Our goal is to introduce the outstanding features of these home-grown products to as many Hungarian as possible.

Our products

Our growers

Grower: Á.Fúrús András
Town: Kiskunmajsa
Main products: sweet pepper
Grower: Bálint Péter
Town: Zsombó
Main products: strawberry, melon
Grower: Bartucz Mihály
Town: Kiskunfélegyháza
Main products: tomatoes
Grower: Becsey Zoltán
Town: Balástya
Main products: lettuce, tomatoes
Grower: Csányi József
Town: Balástya
Main products: sweet pepper
Grower: Csizmadia Tamás
Town: Orosháza
Main products: tomatoes
Grower: Enyedi Dezső
Town: Öcsöd
Main products: tomatoes
Grower: Farkas Zsolt
Town: Balástya
Main products: potato
Grower: Feczák Tamás
Town: Hódmezővásárhely
Main products: tomatoes
Grower: Gonda József
Town: Sándorfalva
Main products: cucumber, tomatoes
Grower: Gregus János
Town: Zákányszék
Main products: carrotts
Grower: Gubacsi Zoltán
Town: Algyő
Main products: cucumber
Grower: Győző Gyula
Town: Tiszaalpár
Main products: Californian peppers
Grower: Gyuris Mihály
Town: Sándorfalva
Main products: peach
Grower: Héjjas Gábor
Town: Kecskemét
Main products: peppers, melon
Grower: Horváth-Zsikó Sándor
Town: Balástya
Main products: pumpkins
Grower: Ifj. Gombos Pál
Town: Balástya
Main products: sweet pepper, cucumber, lettuce
Grower: Juhász Csaba
Town: Fábiánsebestyén
Main products: tomatoes
Grower: Kiss László
Town: Mórahalom
Main products: sweet pepper
Grower: Kocsis Sándor
Town: Zákányszék
Main products: sweet pepper
Grower: Kurucsai Zoltán
Town: Kiskunfélegyháza
Main products: tomatoes
Grower: Majsai Kert
Town: Orosháza
Main products: tomatoes
Grower: Márki László
Town: Mórahalom
Main products: sweet pepper
Grower: Nemes Nagy János
Town: Baks
Main products: tomatoes
Grower: Oltványi Gyula
Town: Mórahalom
Main products: potato
Grower: Paplogó Imre
Town: Forráskút
Main products: peppers, cucumber
Grower: Pappné Éva
Town: Ópusztaszer
Main products: peppers
Grower: Patik Róbert
Town: Zsombó
Main products: melon, peach
Grower: Péter Mihály
Town: Üllés
Main products: tomatoes
Grower: Petheo Géza
Town: Kiskunfélegyháza
Main products: tomatoes
Grower: Pónusz József
Town: Mórahalom
Main products: tomatoes
Grower: Szilágyi Zoltán
Town: Deszk
Main products: cucumber
Grower: Tegzes Károly
Town: Kiskunfélegyháza
Main products: tomatoes
Grower: Tóth József
Town: Balástya
Main products: celeriac
Grower: Veres Balogh László
Town: Kiskunmajsa
Main products: peppers
Grower: Veres Sándor
Town: Zsombó
Main products: peppers, tomatoes

Our Fruit & Vegetable Warehouse Store

Our fruit & vegetable store opened on May 15, 2018 is unique in its kind. The store which sells the goods of the Gardeners’ Club members, is about 200 m 2, and it serves retailers, wholesalers and the populations nearby.

The shop is located right next to the warehouse of Prémium Kert Group, so it can provide instant, fast service and quality fresh products. Due to the short supply chain, prices are lower than in an average fruit&vegetable store. The shopping conditions are comfortable and the abundant range of goods meets every demand.

Visit us daily to get fresh products every day and new promotions every week!

Contact us

Address: 6728 Szeged, Algyői út 72.
GPS: 46°17'16.0 N 20°10'18.4 E
Mobile phone: +36 30 782 2167
E-mail: raktararuhaz@premiumkert.
Opening times: Monday-Friday: 6am-6pm • Saturday: 6am-2pm • Sunday: closed

Our brand

When you are to buy packaged vegetables, look for FITTI, the smiling tomato.
This logo guarantees that you get Hungarian vegetables with the highest quality and the best taste.

Nyertes pályázatok

Kedvezményezett neve: Prémium Kert Kft.

A projekt címe: A Prémium Kert Kft. versenyképességének növelése adaptív technológiai innováció révén

Projekt azonosítószáma: GINOP-2.1.8-17-2018-02209

Támogatási összeg: 12 000 420 Ft

Támogatás intenzitása: 50%

A projekt leírása:

A Gazdaságfejlesztési és Innovációs Operatív Program keretén belül a Pénzügyminisztérium „A KKV-k versenyképességének növelése adaptív technológiai innováció révén” c. felhívása alapján, a Prémium Kert Kft. pályázatot nyújtott be. A GINOP-2.1.8-17-2018-02209 azonosítószámú támogatási kérelem pozitív elbírálásban részesült. Az Európai Regionális Fejlesztési Alapból finanszírozott vissza nem térítendő támogatás összege 12 000 420 Ft.

A projekt keretében beszerzésre kerül egy osztott és egy osztatlan kamratest. A beszerzés hozzájárul a vállalkozás innovatív fejlődéséhez. A kamratestek lehetővé teszik cégünk számára az új hűtés és hűtve tárolási technológia bevezetését, melynek kihasználásával termékeink frissessége, eltarthatósága nagymértékben megőrizhető.

A projekt befejezés dátuma: 2019.06.04.


Address H-6792 Zsombó, Hungary
Gárdonyi Géza u. 27.
Fax +36 62 461 068
Managing Director Mr. József Rácz
+36 30 249 96 00
Marketing Ms. Réka Pónyai
+36 20 398 07 66